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Some of the companies Mr. Nanninga has worked with.


"Gerald has been a real asset to our organization. One of our divisions was undergoing a change in its environment which was causing an adverse impact on performance. We needed to find a rapid strategic response to the changing environment. We brought Gerald in to consult with us on the problem.

"Gerald quickly helped us get a clear understanding of the big picture. He then helped us work through the potential options until we reached a consensus on the proper strategic direction. We were so impressed with his work on this short-term strategic issue that we have continued to use his consulting services to reshape our corporate long-term strategy.

"Gerald’s greatest asset is in bringing clarity and structure to a problem. He helps a company get to the root of what is truly important by converting piles of data into a compelling story of what is happening. This framework then provides the foundation for making the best decision all while being aware of decision traps. I mention decision traps as I think it’s important to call out Gerald for his awareness of these (i.e. frame blindness, overconfidence in judgment, shooting from the hip, group failure, etc) and for guiding the strategic decision making process within their context.

"Lastly, Gerald brings enthusiasm, professionalism and candor to his work. His wealth of experience in strategy allows him to rapidly come up with potential options. Gerald is a quick student at learning the nuances of your business, so that his solutions are relevant to your particular situation. He worked well with our people and made sure that our internal people embraced the solution as their own.

"I highly recommend Gerald Nanninga and his consulting for any business looking to find a winning place in this changing world."

                                     --Dan Lagermeier, SVP/CFO

                                       AmeriPride Services, Inc.

Gerald Nanninga's strategic thinking and writings are recognized and praised around the world.

In Australia:

Strategy expert calls Gerald a "genius" and says he has "the best blog on strategic planning I've ever read.“  (Click on image at right for full commentary)

In Romania:

Two entrepreneurs wanted to create an e-magazine with the best thinking in the world on strategy and included Gerald Nanninga's writing along side other luminaries like Seth Goden. (Click on images at right for link to two e-magazines with articles by Nanninga)

In the USA:

When Crains Chicago Business needed a quote from a retail strategy expert, they  turned to Gerald Nanninga. (Click on logo at right to see article published in Crain’s)

When forward Metrics needed a strategic planning expert, they turned to Gerald Nanninga. (Click on logo at right to see Nanninga on their sight)




To see more recommendatations, go to Mr. Nanninga's Linkedin site.  (Click on logo at left to see Linkedin site)

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